2018 Reel

Chelsea's filmmaking reel, 2018.

Dawson's Chimney Sweeps

Chelsea redesigned and continues to update the Dawson's Chimney Sweeps website.

Finding a Muse

A young man down on his luck sets out on an adventure to prove his doubters wrong, but quickly realizes he is in over his head.

Dinner and a Murder Podcast

Chelsea is the producer and co-host behind Dinner and a Murder. She designed the website, edits the episodes, and much more.

Leading Edge

Chelsea is the media consultant for the up-and-coming blog, Leading Edge. She offers advice, witty banter, and top-notch proofreading skills.

Coming Soon...

Chelsea is constantly working on new projects! Keep an eye out for her latest creations.

Rise Up Breakthrough Coaching

Chelsea is the web designer, moral support, and overall ray of sunshine for Rise Up Breakthrough Coaching, and up-and-coming personal and professional life coaching agency.

Nick Fedoroff Foundation

Chelsea designed the website for a cornerstone of the Cape May, NJ community, the Captain Nick Fedoroff Community Christmas Party.


Fun and exciting things in the works, please stand by.

The Delaware Growler

Chelsea's first and favorite web design project was a new website for The Delaware Growler. She redesigned their site which includes a live tap list and an online store.

Chelsea West Productions